I am Kyle Eddings; Founder of Go Vegan Tees and designer of all but one design of these shirts and tops. I started GVT after being vegan for less than a year. You can read the story about the elephant that started it all for me here. After turning vegan 100% for the animals, I quickly found that there are so many reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Global Warming, Deforestation, Massive Species Extinction, the acidification of the oceans, the constant rise in obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease can all be attributed to Animal Agriculture and the resulting diets that we have been lead to believe are healthy.

I realized that the vegan movement is unfortunately a silent movement. And by that I simply mean that the majority of vegans are not activists or easily identifiable. Unlike the Women's and Civil Rights Movements, Vegans take on every religion, size and color. You cannot distinguish one simply by looking at them. Often times, the vegan voices that we hear are that of the activist. While there is room for activism for every cause, hearing only the activist turns many people away immediately because of the hostility that it causes. All vegans have a voice, and that voice is change. However, not all of us that have made that lifestyle change will end up as activists. The majority of us will not.

So how do we identify ourselves, or at least speak a bit of our minds without causing a scene everywhere we go? If we want to be those that spark conversation or just get people thinking without the yelling, how do we do it? We simply wear our voice. By putting a shirt on with a vegan phrase, we are planting seeds in the minds of everyone we encounter. If I walk into a restaurant with one of my shirts on, I can literally watch the conversations take root and grow around me.